This program aims to connect the training needs of the future and digital businesses AlicanTEC associated with AlicanTEC with the educational potential of the universities. Through it, the bases are laid for companies to state their training needs and satisfy the universities in the field of their specific and general degrees. The program is called to improve the employability of graduates and the productivity and competitiveness of companies. AlicanTEC will try to formalise agreements with all universities disposed to encourage a training that improves the employability of their students and meet the needs of talent and human capital of technology companies undergoing disruptive innovations and significant changes in all facets of their activity.

How does it work?

Through agreements between the universities and AlicanTEC universities. These agreements are aimed at establishing platforms between schools, teachers and tutors and digital companies. These platforms have the function to agree a concerted training for students, teachers and businesses. Always subject to existing regulations and within the degrees of freedom of each grade or title (for example, free credits, additional courses, work or Bachelor degree …).

For companies

Companies state beforehand their specific training, human capital and profiles needs to universities.

For universities

They identify student profiles and training programs that meet the needs of businesses.

For students

Follow the guidelines of tutors to enable a tight training to the needs of enterprises and improve their employability.