Goals of AlicanTEC

  1. To develop the digital economy and the sectors of the future based on technology and knowledge.
  2. To favour entrepreneurship and the generation of digital startups and industries of the future..
  3. To promote and strengthen the development and retention of talent and human capital by attracting and generating new businesses.
  4. To support the digital education of the society.
  5. To encourage business innovation ecosystem of each territorial environment
  6. To advertise the area to promote the attraction of national and international companies.
  7. To give skilled and quality jobs associated with technology and industries of the future a boost.
  8. To create professional networks in the environment and through a significant critical mass of entrepreneurs and companies.
  9. To promote the prestige of the territory in the field of technology and its attractions to live and work.
  10. To support foresight and identification of future sectors and activities capable of generating economic and employment growth.