A technological ecosystem with many success stories


What is AlicanTEC?

Association for the Promotion and the Promotion of Technology and the Knowledge Society of Alicante.

Its mission is to promote the southern Mediterranean of Spain as an area of technological development, by putting value on startups and international technology companies, exploiting one of the habitats with the highest quality of life in the world. See more

¿Why Alicante?


AlicanTEC promotes the idea of living and working creatively in one of the most idyllic places in Europe.

Calidad de vida

C for Quality of Life, which reaches the highest level in this part of the Spanish Mediterranean.


C for Communications, with a privileged connection with Europe and its sphere of influence.


C for Connectivity, with excellent coverage of optical fibre.


C de Competitividad con una oferta inmobiliaria muy amplia, atractiva y diversa a precios muy atractivos.

Quality of Life

Alicante is one of the most attractive places
Alicante is one of the most attractive places in Spain and Europe to work and live. Tourists and permanent residents with more than one hundred nationalities choose Alicante to enjoy its quality of life.

Costa de Alicante Peñón de Ifach

244 kilometers of coastline and unique coastal and mountain spaces..

Palmeral de Elche

Elche: the most extensive palm groves in Europe. World Heritage Site.

Alicante Sede Europea OAMI

Working close the Mediterranean Sea. Alicante: European headquarter: OHIM

Casas de Pescadores de La Vila

Fishing villages, la Vila, fishermen’s houses

Sha Wellness Clinic

One of the most important health cluster in Europe. Sha Wellness Clinic No. 1 in the world

Alicante Capital de la Guitarra

Alicante brings endless cultural activities. It is the world capital of the guitar.

Granada, patio de los leones

An exceptional environment with nearby cities such as Granada

Castillo de Villena Alicante

An environment with medieval castles and villages with unique traditions


Mediterranean Sea: nearby islands as Tabarca or a few hours from Alicante: Ibiza, Formentera…

Universities, Centers and Technology Parks

AlicanTEC supports the development and the attraction of talent through 8 universities, 2 business schools and 3 science and technology parks



Eight universities all within 100 kilometers of each other with a range of qualifications oriented towards science and technology, humanities and social sciences


Business schools

Two Business Schools, Fundesem and EOI, with a training that focus on the training needs of companies.


Entrepreneurship center

Coworking spaces, professional networks, accelerators, Yuzz centers, local agencies and university environments to support entrepreneurs

Parque tecnológico empresarial de la Universidad Miguél Hernández

Parque Científico de la Universidad Miguel Hernández (Elche)

Museo Universidad Alicante

Parque Científico de la Universidad de Alicante (MUA image)

Parque Empresarial de Elche

Elche Parque Empresarial, in standards of the Mediterranean Basin

Employment and talent

AlicanTEC will drive events, workshops and all the initiatives to attract talent and human capital related to the digital economy.

We help you

AlicanTEC aims to facilitate the attraction and location of digital businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in future sectors in Alicante, and to facilitate it AlicanTEC will resolve and help in any way that facilitates your installation in our area

  • Procedures, bureaucratic formalities and administrative provisions so that an entrepreneur, company, or business can be established in its environment faster and with less cost.
  • Legal advice, access and interpretation of the Spanish law and specific regulations.
  • Technological advice, being in contact with companies of the area..
  • Facilities and Location. Advice on properties and locations search.
  • Talent and human capital. Selection of talent, specialists and engineers…
  • Communication. Support for translation and interpreting in all languages. Advice for general communication.


Alicante is strategically set deep in the Mediterranean Basin with exceptional communications.



 78 connections to European cities and major HUB of London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.



AVE- Madrid en dos horas. Conexión ferroviaria con el Arco Mediterráneo (Murcia, Valencia, Barcelona…)



Network of national and regional highways. Highways with Madrid, Barcelona and throughout the Mediterranean Basin



Lines from the ports of the province with the Balearic Islands and North Africa


The AlicanTEC ecosystem drives professional networks through all initiatives in the area: Hacker Club of Alicante; Laboratories such as the «Alfas Intelligent & Innovation (IoT) Lab, accelerators, co-working spaces and centers for entrepreneurs, startups and digital companies