Who are we?

AlicanTEC is an association comprised of companies, entrepreneurs, other associations, startups and organizations all firmly committed to the development of the digital economy and technological entrepreneurship within the Province of Alicante.

Concept and mission

AlicanTEC’s mission is to promote the image of the southern Mediterranean coast of Spain , emphasizing the value this area offers to startups and international technological companies in terms of high standard of living and exceptional quality of life. In doing so we aim to encourage the development and growth of the digital economy in our Province.

AlicanTEC, is a pilot project, focussed on Alicante but with the aim of joining forces and expanding to other areas of the Mediterranean Basin such as Valencia, Castellón, Murcia etc.

Our members have joined forces to create professional and corporate networks and support initiatives that help the growth of the digital economy and future sectors (nanotechnology, health, biotechnology, AI…).

Who are we?

We are a non-profit association of entrepreneurs, entities and companies, committed to the development of the digital economy and other key technological and innovative industries that will shape our future


  • To develop the digital economy and the technology and knowledge-based industries of the future.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of digital and innovative startups
  • To promote and strengthen the development and retention of highly talented human capital by attracting and generating new businesses.
  • To support and further develop the digital awareness of our society.
  • To encourage innovation ecosystem in local businesses
  • To let the world know that this area offers an absolutely exceptional location for both national and international companies.
  • To add momentum to the creation of highly skilled and technology-related job opportunities
  • To create professional networks in the area via a significant critical mass of entrepreneurs and companies.
  • To promote the reputation of the Province of Alicante as a great place for people working in technology – and their families – to live, to work and to network
  • To identify and reach out to professionals and companies working in industries of the future capable of generating sustainable economic growth and employment
  • In short to support and foster all aspects of digital and technological culture.