Why Alicante?

AlicanTec believes that Alicante offers digital and technological companies a wonderful place to live and work.


¿Por qué?

  • Quality of Life – this is really a great place to live.
  • Communications – we are lucky to have fantastic communications with the rest of Spain, Europe and (via Europe’s 3 main airport hubs) the rest of the World.
  • Connectivity, optical fibre provides fast and reliable connectivity.
  • Competitiveness, due to the post-property boom period, Alicante can offer offices and homes to rent or buy at really competitive prices.

Co-working. In other European areas such as the Allee Berlin Hub Tec the average cost of a place of co-working is 3 times higher than in Alicante, and even higher in other cities like London and Dublin.«.

In the center of Alicante city the price of a place of coworking ranges from € 200 to €500 / month.