Work and talent

AlicanTEC drives events, workshops and other initiatives to attract talent and human capital related to the digital economy and industries of the future. We also support initiatives that:

  • Attract and promote the training of specialists in national and international centers in the area, in order to fill vacancies in digital businesses and sectors of the future.
  • Support entrepreneurship programs and training of entrepreneurs.
  • Promote hybridization of knowledge in vocational and university training.
  • Attract talent by communicating as far as possible the huge advantages Alicante can offer to digital professionals and their families in terms of life quality. See Program for nomadic engineers and programmers.
  • Customized training to provide tailor-made training with educational institutions that meet specific business needs.


Program for nomad engineers and programmers

More and more people in the field of technology are attracted by the possibility of becoming a digital nomad. Decide where to live first, and who to work for (remote) second.

AlicanTEC supports this movement and we will leverage Alicante as a destination for digital and technological nomads. These days remote working is a reality – and Alicante is a great location from which to work remote!! Programa de Digital Nomad AlicanTEC